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Our Loan Products:

The most traditional option, a conventional loan with down payments from 1% to 20% allows you to borrow up to $726,200 (in most county’s / higher in NOVA $929,850) for a primary residence, a second home, or an investment property. Both fixed rate and adjustable rate terms are offered. Conventional loans are best for those who have good to excellent credit and can make a down payment as low as 1%.

This type of loan is often used by first-time home buyers, but it is not limited to a first home purchase. It offers qualified low- and moderate-income borrowers a conforming conventional mortgage with a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 97%. It can be used to buy a single-unit property or for a refinance of an existing mortgage. First-time homebuyers must participate in an acceptable borrower education program. $1250 assistance available at 80% of the AMI and up to $2500 available at 50% of the AMI.

This loan type allows you to finance improvements for up to 95% of the property’s as-completed value. (That’s the appraised value of the home once the upgrades are completed). This type of financing can be a more cost-effective way to renovate your home, as it combines the cost of the home and renovations into one conventional mortgage.

This is a government-backed financing option for those who have served our country in the military. A VA loan allows you to borrow up to 100% financing on loans. Consider a VA loan if you are a veteran or are currently an active reserve member; you’re looking to purchase, refinance or take cash out; or you don’t want to put any money down.

If you are already in a VA loan and want to refinance, check out the VA Streamline mortgage program. Streamline means no income, no asset, no appraisal needed.

This is a government-sponsored mortgage loan program that allows you to borrow up to your county’s loan limit while having a minimum down payment requirement of 3.5%. They have easier qualifying guidelines and come with lower interest rates. FHA loans are good for first-time home buyers (but not limited to first-time home buyers) who don’t want to make a big down payment and are financing their primary residence. FHA loans work for a purchase, a refinance, or taking cash out.

In this government program, borrowers get a single loan to cover a purchase or refinance plus the cost of rehabilitating a home. A portion of the loan is used to purchase the home or pay off an existing mortgage, and the remainder is placed in escrow to cover the work on the home.

USDA Loans, also known as Rural Development Loans, are one of the last true 100% financing, no-money-down loans. Offered by the federal government, a USDA Rural Development Loan lets you finance 100% of your home’s value and roll any closing costs into the loan, all while benefiting from an insured government loan with a low fixed rate. To check if a property is considered rural, check HERE.

A jumbo, or non-conforming, mortgage allows you to purchase more expensive homes with a loan amount above the conforming limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, with loan amounts up to $3 million. The minimum credit score requirement is 680 and increases based on loan size. Jumbo loans require a minimum down payment of 10%.

A Flex Term Loan offers the ability to customize a loan and allow a borrower to choose their desired amortization term. This avoids “resetting the mortgage clock,” limiting the loan term and reducing interest. This can be an advantage to borrowers under certain personal and individual borrowing scenarios. Amortization terms of 8 to 30 years are available on all fixed-rate conventional loan products.

Available on Conventional or Government programs, allowing borrowers the opportunity to lower their interest rate at the start of the loan.
  • Year 1 – 2% lower than the note rate
  • Year 2 – 1% lower than the note rate
  • Year 3 – Full note rate
FHA product offering borrowers 62 or older the ability to pay off their mortgage, purchase a new home or supplement their income. We offer Traditional fixed and adjustable HECM,
Adjustable-rate mortgages allow you to borrow at a lower rate along with a lower monthly payment. ARMs can be a smart alternative — especially considering that fewer than 10% of borrowers stay in the same mortgage for over seven years and that the initial rate could save hundreds of dollars each month. ARMs are also appealing to borrowers interested in short-term loans on investment properties.